Asking the ‘BIG’ Disability Questions

One of my older sisters used to care for disabled children when she was younger. She once told me about a disabled child who had approached her and asked her: “Will I ever be able to get better?” My sister told me that she didn’t quite know what to say – especially since the child’sContinue reading “Asking the ‘BIG’ Disability Questions”

The Sunshine Blogger Award

This is my first blogger award! And I would truly like to thank EllesUnpopularOpinions for thinking of me enough to nominate me for this great award. Even though it may have taken me a while to get to it – I still extremely appreciate the nomination. You can visit Elle’s blog by clicking on herContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award”

Accessibility vs. Preservation

This is just going to be a short discussion post. Instead of talking a lot, I’d like to leave room for you to join the discussion and express your own opinion in the comments below. The issue of Accessibility vs. Preservation is one that me and my family discuss every time that we go abroadContinue reading “Accessibility vs. Preservation”

My First Educational Talk to Children About Disabilities!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was preparing to give a presentation to younger students in the school about disabilities. Well – I finally did it! And, honestly, it turned out to be one of the highlights of my year. One of the primary teachers at my school approached me with the ideaContinue reading “My First Educational Talk to Children About Disabilities!”

‘Hanging Out’ as a Disabled Teen

‘Hanging out’ is slightly different for a disabled teenager. Whether it’s going out to places, sleeping over, or simply chilling in a park – I know that my experience will always be somewhat different from that of my friends. Today, I mostly wanted to focus on the experience of visiting other people’s houses to hangContinue reading “‘Hanging Out’ as a Disabled Teen”

How to Create Disabled Representation in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

It’s time for my first Disabled Representation Tip! This tip is going to be about creating (physical) disabled representation for science-fiction and fantasy worlds. I’m going to do three things: teach you how to make a disabled representation for such a world, tell you some things to watch out for, and then show you someContinue reading “How to Create Disabled Representation in Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

I’m Back!!!

Hey, Wheelchair Teen readers, it’s been a while but I’m finally back. A lot has been going on lately: school ended, I lost quite a lot of files from my laptop after it experienced a software issue which meant that it had to be professionally wiped, and I’ve also gone through quite a few mentalContinue reading “I’m Back!!!”

Introduction to: Disabled Representation Tips & Reviews

Originally, I had planned for this to be a My Nugget of Wisdom for the Week post recommending black, disabled bloggers and YouTubers to do my part in supporting the current movement. However, I was shocked to find how little of them there were out there, or at least how hard they were to find.Continue reading “Introduction to: Disabled Representation Tips & Reviews”

How the Kids at School React to My Disability

School life is tough for someone like me, so one thing that I like to do to help me cope is to sort the teens at school into different categories based on how they react to me and my disability. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging any of them: I’m a rather shy personContinue reading “How the Kids at School React to My Disability”

Accepting New Changes in My Life

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been able to go up and down the stairs in our house by myself. Whether it was by climbing up the staircase like it was a mountain (which I used to do when I was younger and was still able to walk), or by going up backwards onContinue reading “Accepting New Changes in My Life”

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