Being Around Other Disabled Teens

I’m back! I know I’ve been absent from my blog for a while because of practise exams so I wanted to return with an In My Feelings post about a positive emotion (happiness) because I realised that I had only done negative ones so far. I haven’t spent a lot of time around other disabledContinue reading “Being Around Other Disabled Teens”

Going to an Able-Bodied School

I have many different experiences, both positive and negative, of going to an able-bodied school as a disabled teenager. But I have to say that overall: it sucks. Being disabled is tough but it’s who I am and I can handle it, but the battle of being disabled in the society that I live inContinue reading “Going to an Able-Bodied School”

Why I Don’t Eat in Public

Eating can sometimes be a struggle because of my curled fingers, many of which are immobile. I can sometimes manage to manoeuvre a fork or spoon to my mouth using both hands, but it can be very tiring to keep up for a long while, and these days I usually just bend down towards theContinue reading “Why I Don’t Eat in Public”

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