Disabled Teen Review: Me Before You

Welcome to my first disabled representation review! Thank you guys so much for your suggestions. I decided to start with a fairly famous book: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Last month, I watched the film and read the book for the first time for review. I must warn you that this review is goingContinue reading “Disabled Teen Review: Me Before You”

How to Create Disabled Representation in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

It’s time for my first Disabled Representation Tip! This tip is going to be about creating (physical) disabled representation for science-fiction and fantasy worlds. I’m going to do three things: teach you how to make a disabled representation for such a world, tell you some things to watch out for, and then show you someContinue reading “How to Create Disabled Representation in Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

Introduction to: Disabled Representation Tips & Reviews

Originally, I had planned for this to be a My Nugget of Wisdom for the Week post recommending black, disabled bloggers and YouTubers to do my part in supporting the current movement. However, I was shocked to find how little of them there were out there, or at least how hard they were to find.Continue reading “Introduction to: Disabled Representation Tips & Reviews”

My 6 Tips About Staring

Admittedly, it’s difficult to give my advice on staring at disabled people because it’s hard not to mix up my own negative personal experiences regarding staring with general advice which can apply to everyone. A part of me wants to say: ‘Don’t stare, it makes whoever you are staring at feel awful,’ but I knowContinue reading “My 6 Tips About Staring”

How to Write With a Pen in Your Mouth

Here is part two to the Personal Experience: Learning to Write With a Pen in My Mouth post I released yesterday where I will explain how to be a pen-typer. Here is a short one-minute video demonstrating how I type and write with a pen: I’m not really one to talk since I’m used toContinue reading “How to Write With a Pen in Your Mouth”

My 5 Tips to Authors Who Write Disabled Characters

I am most definitely a disabled book nerd – One of my most favourite things to do is read and write poetry and stories. My older sister is a book blogger and has managed over the years to drag me down into her crazy, wonderful world of literary obsession. Even though it can often takeContinue reading “My 5 Tips to Authors Who Write Disabled Characters”

Talking to Someone in a Wheelchair Dos and Don’ts

Having conversations with someone in a wheelchair can sometimes be difficult if you don’t know the appropriate etiquette for doing so. We may be people, same as everyone else, just people who are sitting rather than standing – but things are admittedly a little different down here at waist height when it comes to theContinue reading “Talking to Someone in a Wheelchair Dos and Don’ts”

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