‘Hanging Out’ as a Disabled Teen

‘Hanging out’ is slightly different for a disabled teenager. Whether it’s going out to places, sleeping over, or simply chilling in a park – I know that my experience will always be somewhat different from that of my friends. Today, I mostly wanted to focus on the experience of visiting other people’s houses to hangContinue reading “‘Hanging Out’ as a Disabled Teen”

‘My Journey’ Part 2.5: Budding Passions and Early Friendships

(This is the second part of the post I released yesterday) On the other hand, my social life at this age was going well – I was just starting to find myself and discover my talents: My mother was a teacher, so every day I had to stay extra hours at the school after itContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 2.5: Budding Passions and Early Friendships”

‘My Journey’ Part 2: The Realisation that I’m Disabled

Group 5 (age 7-8) was a big year for me. So big that I decided to split this section of the series into two parts; one which I’m releasing today about the progression of my disease and the other about my social life at the time which I’ll share tomorrow. Group 5 was the yearContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 2: The Realisation that I’m Disabled”

‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years

This is the first post in a six-part series I plan on releasing about ‘my journey’ from the diagnosis of my disease when I was a baby up until where I am now with my disability. In-between each ‘journey’ post I’ll release one of my usual ones before continuing with the series. This is ‘myContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years”

Weight-Loss Scare

Around two years ago, during the Summer of 2018, I experienced some trouble regarding weight loss and my self-image: I mentioned in my previous post that I used to go to Scouts for disabled children when I was younger. Some of the children there were overweight and therefore too heavy to lift, so the staffContinue reading “Weight-Loss Scare”

Learning to Write With a Pen in My Mouth

This is part one of two posts I plan to release this weekend about being a pen-typer. Because I don’t have enough mobility in my fingers to be able to hold a pen, I type and write with a pen in my mouth. First, I thought I’d tell the story of why and how IContinue reading “Learning to Write With a Pen in My Mouth”

My First Friend and Forgetfulness

I feel like when I was younger, I was constantly having to remind myself that I was disabled. I know it sounds like a crazy thing to forget but it never really affected me as a child, or rather I didn’t let it affect me. Physically, I was much slower than other children, walked awkwardlyContinue reading “My First Friend and Forgetfulness”

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