Asking the ‘BIG’ Disability Questions

One of my older sisters used to care for disabled children when she was younger. She once told me about a disabled child who had approached her and asked her: “Will I ever be able to get better?” My sister told me that she didn’t quite know what to say – especially since the child’sContinue reading “Asking the ‘BIG’ Disability Questions”

How the Kids at School React to My Disability

School life is tough for someone like me, so one thing that I like to do to help me cope is to sort the teens at school into different categories based on how they react to me and my disability. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging any of them: I’m a rather shy personContinue reading “How the Kids at School React to My Disability”

Disabled Superheroes!!!

Nothing gets me crazier than superheroes. While others in my family are known for being ‘the literature ones’ I’m known as ‘the superhero one’. I’m never as popular with my family or friends as when we’re watching a superhero film because they know I’ll give them all the comic book facts and explain the comicContinue reading “Disabled Superheroes!!!”

What Did Disabled Santa Give You This Christmas?

Happy new year and for those of you that celebrate Christmas I hope you had a merry one! For my first post this year I decided to do something fun and whacky. During the Christmas holiday, I was introduced to a whole new world of ‘disability awareness presents’ I knew almost nothing about. I madeContinue reading “What Did Disabled Santa Give You This Christmas?”

The Type of Disability Family I Have

My sister has a friend who is disabled (who I’ll call Gertrude for anonymity’s sake). Gertrude’s family almost never includes her in anything because they never bother to check if anything is wheelchair-friendly. They just leave her at home alone for holidays and go off without her, or they take her along with them whenContinue reading “The Type of Disability Family I Have”

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