How the Kids at School React to My Disability

School life is tough for someone like me, so one thing that I like to do to help me cope is to sort the teens at school into different categories based on how they react to me and my disability. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging any of them: I’m a rather shy personContinue reading “How the Kids at School React to My Disability”

‘My Journey’ Part 2: The Realisation that I’m Disabled

Group 5 (age 7-8) was a big year for me. So big that I decided to split this section of the series into two parts; one which I’m releasing today about the progression of my disease and the other about my social life at the time which I’ll share tomorrow. Group 5 was the yearContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 2: The Realisation that I’m Disabled”

‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years

This is the first post in a six-part series I plan on releasing about ‘my journey’ from the diagnosis of my disease when I was a baby up until where I am now with my disability. In-between each ‘journey’ post I’ll release one of my usual ones before continuing with the series. This is ‘myContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years”

Going to an Able-Bodied School

I have many different experiences, both positive and negative, of going to an able-bodied school as a disabled teenager. But I have to say that overall: it sucks. Being disabled is tough but it’s who I am and I can handle it, but the battle of being disabled in the society that I live inContinue reading “Going to an Able-Bodied School”

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