Disabled Teen Review: Me Before You

Welcome to my first disabled representation review! Thank you guys so much for your suggestions. I decided to start with a fairly famous book: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. Last month, I watched the film and read the book for the first time for review. I must warn you that this review is goingContinue reading “Disabled Teen Review: Me Before You”

‘My Journey’ Part 2.5: Budding Passions and Early Friendships

(This is the second part of the post I released yesterday) On the other hand, my social life at this age was going well – I was just starting to find myself and discover my talents: My mother was a teacher, so every day I had to stay extra hours at the school after itContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 2.5: Budding Passions and Early Friendships”

My 5 Tips to Authors Who Write Disabled Characters

I am most definitely a disabled book nerd – One of my most favourite things to do is read and write poetry and stories. My older sister is a book blogger and has managed over the years to drag me down into her crazy, wonderful world of literary obsession. Even though it can often takeContinue reading “My 5 Tips to Authors Who Write Disabled Characters”

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