‘My Journey’ Part 2: The Realisation that I’m Disabled

Group 5 (age 7-8) was a big year for me. So big that I decided to split this section of the series into two parts; one which I’m releasing today about the progression of my disease and the other about my social life at the time which I’ll share tomorrow. Group 5 was the yearContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 2: The Realisation that I’m Disabled”

‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years

This is the first post in a six-part series I plan on releasing about ‘my journey’ from the diagnosis of my disease when I was a baby up until where I am now with my disability. In-between each ‘journey’ post I’ll release one of my usual ones before continuing with the series. This is ‘myContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years”

Clinic Check-Up and the Infection Ordeal

Around once every year I have a full check-up at my clinic. I may receive physiotherapy, ergotherapy or psychological therapy every week throughout the year, but the yearly check-up is a special six-hour session spread out over two days which tests me against all the different divisions at the clinic including logopedie (speech therapy), aContinue reading “Clinic Check-Up and the Infection Ordeal”

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