‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years

This is the first post in a six-part series I plan on releasing about ‘my journey’ from the diagnosis of my disease when I was a baby up until where I am now with my disability. In-between each ‘journey’ post I’ll release one of my usual ones before continuing with the series. This is ‘myContinue reading “‘My Journey’ Part 1: The Diagnosis and Early Years”

The Type of Disability Family I Have

My sister has a friend who is disabled (who I’ll call Gertrude for anonymity’s sake). Gertrude’s family almost never includes her in anything because they never bother to check if anything is wheelchair-friendly. They just leave her at home alone for holidays and go off without her, or they take her along with them whenContinue reading “The Type of Disability Family I Have”

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